welcome to the bi carrd :D

for both bi people and non-bisexuals, made by a bi person!

so what is bisexuality?

bi people can be attracted to 2 or more genders, and there’s usually a preference. bisexuality includes trans and nonbinary people.


having a preference does not make someone any less bi

social media enjoys perpetuating the stereotype that bi women/women-aligned people have to have a preference for women. this is entirely false and normalised posts like these can make coming to terms with your bisexuality extra hard! that is not to say that this is not the experience for a lot of bisexual folk; it can be. but it’s not a universal bi experience.

just remember: no matter a bi person’s lean, no matter if they have a lean or not: they are still bisexual! a bi woman dating a man or a bi man dating a woman are still bisexual.

harmful stereotypes

bisexuality and pansexuality co-exist and are not one and the same, and one does not negate the other. see this carrd for more information.

bisexuality is not transphobic or n-bphobic, and never has been. bisexual people are attracted to nonbinary and trans people, and nonbinary and trans bisexual people exist.

even if you are bisexual, your experience is not universal. if a bi person says you are perpetuating biphobia, listen to them.

bi lesbians don’t fucking exist. check out this informative carrd for more info.

for non-bisexuals!

non-bisexuals don’t get to dictate how bisexuals present themselves or discuss themselves. generalising bi people, calling us “annoying” and “cringey”, or implying we aren’t valuable unless in a ‘gay’ relationship is biphobic.

likewise, jokes about “bi culture” from non-bisexuals are distasteful and biphobic. we are already erased in lgbt+ spaces and irl. do not turn our identities into a joke.

biphobia within the lgbt+ community is insanely normalised, and this needs to change. call out biphobia as and when you see it, and don’t defend biphobic remarks. we are not any less lgbt+, we are an important part of the community, and we deserve to be defended and fought for.

remember: if you are a non-bisexual, you don’t get to say what is or isn’t biphobic.

bi people i love u

thank you for reading! enjoy this sexy variation of the bi flag someone made for pride month!

made by a bi nonbinary person! dm me w any queries